St John offers First Aid and Home Care training to commerce and industry, schools, government departments, the military and of course to the general public so that they can assist in times of emergency at home and work. The range of courses is designed to cater for the advanced First Aider to young schoolchildren as well as those individuals with limited reading and writing skills.

During the year ending March 2013, St John has trained 23 326 South Africans:
  • 22 041 in First Aid, and
  •   1 285 in Home Based Care

Course content and training methods are continuously updated to keep in line with current local and international standards.

St John comprises a network of medical professionals, programme development specialists and instructors who provide health and safety training across South Africa as well as internationally.

When selecting a St John training course you can be assured that it will meet exacting standards and is accredited by the following South African bodies:

  • HWSETA Accreditation No: HW592PA0600149
  • Department of Labour - cert. no. CI BIG 3-02



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